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Worlds by Les Farley Worlds by July 24, 2016 $2.99 25230 words Sample 15%
They are within weeks of their destination - a distant planet that they hope will become their new home. There's no turning back. Earth is three hundred years in their past. Moral decay and overpopulation led to the launch of The Cicala Project. The people aboard this ship have never set foot on anything except the metal decking beneath them. What does this strange planet hold for them?
The Song of the Eternally Caged by Sha'Ra On WindWalker The Song of the Eternally Caged by July 24, 2016 Free! 12371 words Read a sample
Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.
Love Versus Terrorism – Poems on Anti Terror , Peace , Love , Brotherhood – Part 1 by Nikhil Parekh Love Versus Terrorism – Poems on Anti Terror , Peace , Love , Brotherhood – Part 1 by July 24, 2016 Free! 29471 words Read a sample
This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems is actually Part 1 of the Book titled – Love Versus Terrorism ( 409 pages ) .
Minutiae by Ariadne Burke Minutiae by July 24, 2016 $1.99 2331 words Sample 20%
“Minutiae” is a collection of short stories written by Ariadne Burke. These stories focus on the details of relationships and the psyche of multiple different characters, from grieving parents to an abandoned child.
EatingHealthy 2016 by largot abdelkamel, Jr EatingHealthy 2016 by July 24, 2016 $100.00 4198 words Sample 20%
The primary and first to be used energy system is the aerobic system. This system uses oxygen for the function of the muscles and does demand quite a lot from the general body system.
The Asshole's Anecdote: A Collection of Flash Fiction by Stephen Buckingham II The Asshole's Anecdote: A Collection of Flash Fiction by July 24, 2016 $1.99 2831 words Sample 20%
"The Asshole's Anecdote" is a collection of flash fiction by student and first time author Stephen Hoyt Buckingham II. This three story collection will take you from laughing in "Alaska's Most Dangerous" to somber reflection in "Hot Iron".
Die Arktis by Lisa E. Jobe Die Arktis by July 24, 2016 Free! 104 words Read a sample
Erfahren Sie mehr über die Arktis durch die Foto Fantasie Kunstwerk von Lisa E. Jobe. Die Kinder werden ein neues Element in die gefrorene Landschaft mit der Wende jeder Seite hinzufügen. nur Bilder und Vokabeln enthalten, ist dieses Buch ideal für das Kind in Ihrem Zuhause.
When Daughters Moan: Daddy Daughter Family Sex Erotica by Tommy Incest When Daughters Moan: Daddy Daughter Family Sex Erotica by July 24, 2016 $2.99 2899 words Sample 5%
The story of a father who will do anything for his princess. Even make her moan. It is a tough job being dad, but sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do.
Freedom From The Oppressors by Olu Mike Omoasegun Freedom From The Oppressors by July 24, 2016 $2.99 5827 words
GOD has no bad plan or negative purpose for your life. He created you in His image and likeness and gave you dominion over the earth, the ability to produce and multiply, and the food and herbs to keep you healthy. He wants you to have wealth with no accompanying problems, affliction or oppression
Hidden history beneath folsom lake, granite bay to horseshoe bar by Kevin Knauss Hidden history beneath folsom lake, granite bay to horseshoe bar by July 24, 2016 $2.99 3965 words Sample 20%
Hidden History Beneath Folsom Lake is a five part series of books. The Granite Bay to Horseshoe Bar book includes many photos and maps around the sites of Carrolton, Dotons Bar, the Narrows, Zantgraf Mine suspension bridge, and a stone mason aqueduct constructed along the North Fork Ditch along the North Fork of the American River.
Two On A Leash by joseph brown Two On A Leash by July 24, 2016 Free! 5511 words Read a sample
Two On A Leash is a true story about a blind dog and how the strong bond between a dog and his master led to renewed sight. It's about the challenges and the fame along the way. It's about faith, trust and most of all, love.
The Cheating Wives Club: Marie by Candace Mia The Cheating Wives Club: Marie by July 24, 2016 $0.99 861 words Sample 20%
In this series, a group of married women meet and tell their tales of infidelity.
Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Short Story by B. Fowler Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Short Story by July 24, 2016 Free! 2099 words Read a sample
A Seven Deadly Sins Short Story: Wrath
The New World by Lexi Black The New World by July 24, 2016 $5.65 74862 words Sample 20%
As the old world falls apart, a new world emerges from the dust- but more than the landscape has changed. Amongst an unwitting population, a fight for power and survival between a new breed of people threatens the future of humankind.
Pointers toward Dignity by Robert W. Fuller Pointers toward Dignity by July 24, 2016 Free! 2410 words Read a sample
As my father saw me off to college, he gave me a notebook, in his own hand, titled Pointers. Though I did not accept all his advice, I soon realized that as important as what he said was that he said it. If the signposts in this collection stimulate you to clarify your beliefs, then, whether you agree with them or not, they will have served a purpose.
Nok Nok - Jack Wellington UN Attaché by Gerald Goble Nok Nok - Jack Wellington UN Attaché by July 24, 2016 $0.99 46312 words Sample 20%
Jack Wellington a UN Preservationist is sent to Timbuktu to help find some antiquities stolen from a Mosque but he must do this under the watchful eye of the Tureag. Then the NYPD find some Nok antiquities and ask Jack to return them to a museum in Nigeria. In doing so Jack is confronted with Islamic radicals from the Tureag and the Boko Haram and an old nemisis from Abu Dhabi.
A Ghostly Presence by Freddy Dyer A Ghostly Presence by July 24, 2016 $0.99 4126 words Sample 20%
A young man encounters two ghosts in the woods— one kind, the other angry…
Shadow of Life by G.A. Stratton Shadow of Life by July 24, 2016 $5.99 79474 words Sample 20%
Shadow of Life is the first in a sweeping saga of an ancient vampire’s struggle to retain her humanity. Captured during the crusades, she fell in love with Cristo but her happiness was short-lived when his murder hurled her into madness. Faced with the decision that made her run from the throne in years past, Nadira must choose power, love,
Sigill by Kim Richardson Sigill by July 24, 2016 $3.99 70270 words Sample 20%
KARA HAR ÖVERLEVT hotet från Skördemännen, men till ett oskattbart högt pris — Ärkedjävlarna har flytt sitt eviga fängelse. Nu, med den dödliga världen på gränsen till Apokalypsen, med hotet från onda varelser lika mäktiga som gudar, måste hon bryta mot reglerna och resa runt i den dödliga världen på ett icke-auktoriserat uppdrag.
Daddy is a sleepwalker by Vladimir Ostrovski Daddy is a sleepwalker by July 24, 2016 $2.99 3236 words
Clara got grounded and is staying home with her father, which wouldn't be that bad if he didn't have a habit of sleepwalking sometimes, and this time, he walked his way right into her bed, You aren't supposed to wake sleepwalkers up? Right?
Death in the Embassy by Tony Flye Death in the Embassy by July 24, 2016 $7.99 83440 words Sample 15%
How do you prove that something did not happen? This task faced Jake Curtis and Vanessa Malone as they try to prove their client did not poison her ex-husband. If she didn't do it, then who did? Was it his daughter who stood to inherit his wealth? Was it one of his two mistresses he was engaged to? The ex-husband is not the only one murdered in this love rectangle.
Kaavl Quest by Diamond Press Kaavl Quest by July 24, 2016 $2.99 169272 words Sample 20%
Zindedi has attacked Koblan, and Deccia is a prisoner of the insane leader, General Greisn. In order to defeat the Zindedis and rescue her twin sister, Methusal and her community must ally with her mortal foe, Mentàll Solboshn, Chief of Dehre. He has been put in command of the Kaavl team, but can they trust him?
More Pokerish: Poker Skills and Insights by Terry Eade More Pokerish: Poker Skills and Insights by July 24, 2016 $7.99 56897 words Sample 20%
More Pokerish: Poker Skills and Insights, is the second book of the Pokerish series. This book covers Pokerish Observations, Pokerish Skills, Pokerish Insights, and the Pokerish Environment. It also covers the five games of the Pokerish Horse, Pokerish Online, Pokerish Simulation Software, and some Pokerish Humor.
The Friendly Cannibal: A Tale of Happiness and Human Consumption by Freddy Dyer The Friendly Cannibal: A Tale of Happiness and Human Consumption by July 24, 2016 $0.99 4387 words Sample 20%
A happy couple befriend their new neighbor, unaware that he has a ravenous taste for human flesh!
Entreat Me Not--Miracle at Valley Rise Book 2 by Karen Welch Entreat Me Not--Miracle at Valley Rise Book 2 by July 24, 2016 $2.99 141811 words Sample 20%
World-renowned violinist Stani Moss and country-bred Emily Haynes have bridged the distance between their worlds and fallen in love, but neither is prepared for what awaits them on the winding road to happily-ever-after.
A Soldier's Kiss (Love Bites: Fourth of July) by Harper Dell A Soldier's Kiss (Love Bites: Fourth of July) by July 24, 2016 $0.99 21015 words Sample 20%
A kiss from a mysterious soldier throws Samantha’s brain into disarray. She knows she should be chasing a story for her paper, but it’s the Fourth of July, he’s gorgeous and she never could resist a mystery. Who is this secretive M? And, more importantly, why is it that every time she’s around him, she feels like she’s been zapped with a million tiny electric shocks? A sexy, sassy romance!
The Advantage for Entrepreneurs by Emma Sue Prince The Advantage for Entrepreneurs by July 24, 2016 Free! 4020 words Read a sample
Taking key soft skills from her book The Advantage, Emma Sue Prince identifies how you can apply an entrepreneurial mind-set to all aspects of your work. Whether you are thinking of starting a business, running a start-up or reinventing your career, this little e-book will help you succeed.
Oncoming Storm by Roger Ruffles Oncoming Storm by July 24, 2016 $2.99 112017 words Sample 3%
The Causeway; what it is, no-one outside of the Third Empire knows for sure. Even the majority of the Shadows who operate within the Third Empire know little of what is intended to do. All that is certain, is that it was born from the fevered insanity of the Third, Shadow Emperor, and in his damaged, splintering mind it will change the course of the Age of Secession once again.
Broken Women by Anne Hagan Broken Women by July 24, 2016 $2.99 41998 words Sample 15%
Can two Women, unlucky in love, find solace in each other? Where do you go when you lose everything? Who do you turn to next when nobody seems to want you for more than a causal fling? Can two love weary people from different worlds find strength together? Can they move on and even find a happily ever after?
Questions And Answers From The Glorious Quran by ALAMIN ALI Questions And Answers From The Glorious Quran by July 24, 2016 Free! 1030 words Sample 20%
This small booklet is a collection of Questions ans Answers from the Glorious book "The Quran"
Gay Force 49: This Wrestler Is a Bad Boy! by Forrest Manacre Gay Force 49: This Wrestler Is a Bad Boy! by July 24, 2016 $0.99 8775 words Sample 20%
Josh hasn't been showing up to wrestling practice, so his coach calls him into his office for a little "chat". If Josh wants to stay on the team, he'll have to show respect the old-fashioned way, by bending over, grabbing his ankles and opening his mouth wide!
Between Fortune and Fate - Jack Wellington UN Attaché by Gerald Goble Between Fortune and Fate - Jack Wellington UN Attaché by July 24, 2016 $0.99 52308 words Sample 20%
Jack Wellington is scheduled to go to Latvia to help an Art Museum. There is a missing IAEA agent. Arriving Jack finds the Art Museum is the last in a chain of events stretching back to WWII. He finds he is dodging bullets while calm, interested, and attentive on his fiancé review of their wedding plans, now her job is bringing her there, and she is coming with her TV film crew.
Foreigner: In the Shadow of the Square by Frank Zahn Foreigner: In the Shadow of the Square by July 24, 2016 $2.99 64314 words Sample 20%
A clash-of-cultures story of adventure, intrigue, and romance in China during the spring of 1989 when all hell broke loose in Tiananmen Square.
Cygnet Czarinas by Jon Jacks Cygnet Czarinas by July 24, 2016 Free! 36407 words Read a sample
Sandy asks the Russian Princess the one question she’s not supposed to: Why do you sleep? For the princess and her siblings are cursed to sleep endlessly, ruling through the granting of magical swan feathers that lead to an answer. And so Sandy is led from her life in Victorian London to one of mystical lakes and swan maidens – yet discovering the curse’s source could result in her own death
Pain is the New Peace by Sara Khan Pain is the New Peace by July 24, 2016 Free! 10899 words Read a sample
Sara has a gift she can emphasis and sense others feelings when she gets letters from people, as the words jump out and speak to her via thought. In this book she has listed her poems from her book Life Does Get Better
A Prologue to Eternity by Adrinne Hill A Prologue to Eternity by July 24, 2016 $12.95 14877 words Sample 20%
What do you do when every dream you ever dreamed got stomped into the ground every person you came in contact with knows things they have no right to know You say...nothing, and hurt some more. This Poets holds nothing back, she is raw, she is fierce and her words are powerful.. Enjoy the greatness of her mind...
Erotic Collection 21 by CJ Edwards Erotic Collection 21 by July 24, 2016 $3.99 27363 words Sample 18%
Another six of the hottest erotica stories! all published in their own right - a real bargain! This latest collection from the red hot pen of English erotica kitten Charlotte Edwards cover stories ranging from pony girls to older man/younger women, interracial and taxi sex. Well-written and straight to the point, there's something for everyone. Guaranteed to leave you sated!
Boys by Bob Fields Boys by July 24, 2016 $1.29 3766 words Sample 20%
Boys author Bob Fields depicts an accurate and vivid description of young adolescent males in the 1940's & early 1950's in rural Maine. Fields’ perceptive analysis of boy’s personality traits and how they influence their attitude toward life (and girls) is on target. The onset of testosterone further complicates boy’s views about girls and sets up conflict and confusion about sex.
The Legend of King Grýut by Tannara Young The Legend of King Grýut by July 24, 2016 Free! 5316 words Read a sample
When young Moyra is unwillingly left babysit her little brother, she angrily wishes her family had never moved from their tiny village. Yet when her brother begs her to tell the tale of King Grýut, she gives in and tells the tale to him and his new friends. What she doesn't realize is that someone else is listening, and telling this tale will change her life.
Naughty Dancer by Candi Silk Naughty Dancer by July 24, 2016 $2.99 19307 words Sample 20%
It was a fleeting thought of past days when money and sex were plentiful. Now, in a six-year marriage, financial debt was plentiful and sex was sparse. Lexi wondered what it would take to restore or recapture both. It was a naughty impulse, but she couldn’t resist. She turned to her husband, lying next to her, but how would he react? The idea of her repeating the dirty stuff she did in college?
Katy: Book 2 of the ROE Chronicles by Sean Campbell Katy: Book 2 of the ROE Chronicles by July 24, 2016 $9.95 124521 words Sample 20%
Katy, the oldest natural daughter of Robert and Sasha Wraith, has come of age. She is excited about learning the duties of a Station Master from her mother. Can she also learn how to be a hero from her mother? From the beginning, things seem to conspire against her. People either fear her, or idolize her. Her future is uncertain because they never found the one who was to save her.
The Underground Toy Society and the Annual Toy Drive by Jessica Adams The Underground Toy Society and the Annual Toy Drive by July 24, 2016 $0.99 1354 words Sample 20%
The Underground Toy Society helps toys find new homes. Sometimes finding new homes is not easy. When Murry Mole took a wrong turn and dug a tunnel to a toy store, they thought the toy bin would help toys find homes faster and easier. However, only new toys were allowed in the toy bin. How will forgotten toys find a home in time for Christmas?
Helping Hand by Crazy Ink Publishing Helping Hand by July 24, 2016 $2.99 3411 words Sample 20%
Angry with her husbands lack of attention, Brenda forces him to go with her to the local DIY superstore. It's during her visit to that store that she meets a young black man called Kevin. Unlike her husband, Kevin is willing to give her every bit of attention she so desperately wants.
Despre Taine by Silviu Suliță Despre Taine by July 24, 2016 $5.99 3934 words Sample 5%
Este abordată tema descoperirii sinelui într-un volum care conține 22 poezii.
New Grenada - Jack Wellington UN Attaché by Gerald Goble New Grenada - Jack Wellington UN Attaché by July 24, 2016 $0.99 52476 words Sample 20%
Jack Wellington, helping restore a museum in Ecuador finds there has been looting at the museum and chases the thieves across Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. In doing so he becomes immersed in the shadowy underworld of South America filled with criminals, terrorists, and ex-pats from the US and Serbia. To add complications his mother is trying to arrange a blind date.
Afterlife by Helen Comerford Afterlife by July 24, 2016 You set the price! 67880 words Sample 20%
In Paradise everything is perfect. Eve is reunited with her dead sister. They drink tea. Where Mare has ended up seems less idyllic as it sinks into an icy ocean. Then there’s Peter. He opens his eyes running across a broken landscape, under a terrible red sky. But not everything is as it seems. As Mare runs and Peter fights for survival, Eve discovers that Paradise also hides a chilling secret.
Tag: A Cautionary Tale by John Collings Tag: A Cautionary Tale by July 24, 2016 $5.99 48376 words Sample 20%
In the race to be king, there can be only one winner Tag, Red Rover, King of the Hill...children's games are an allegory for real world competition. In the race to rule Arabella Hill, there can be only one winner. Read Tag: A Cautionary Tale by John Collings to find out who will reign supreme.
How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween by Jeff Schoettker How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween by July 24, 2016 $3.99 19802 words Sample 20%
“How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween” is your full service, easy to understand guide to all the spooky elements that come into play when making your very own Haunted House, Halloween Party or just for Fun! Everything from making a simple layout, to making your very own scary Halloween props. Everything you need to become a Home Haunter. Big time. Happy Halloween Everyone!
Florile Iubirii by Silviu Suliță Florile Iubirii by July 24, 2016 $5.99 6288 words Sample 5%
Volum având 49 poezii care tratează tema iubirii văzută din diferite unghiuri.
Deathbed of Roses by Alannah Foley Deathbed of Roses by July 24, 2016 $2.99 53108 words Sample 20%
A light cosy-style mystery... Arriving in the Lake District to film the Campervan Bushman TV show, Scott Chevalier and the crew's plans are put on hold with the death of celebrity gardener, Simon Sinclair – a man bristling with charm, ambition and good looks. At first, Scott is under the spotlight as a suspect, but was it the infamous Lakes Killer, or was the man's murderer a lot closer to home?